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About Us
Our mission

NextPro sees the mission of our company in delighting customers by continuously providing quality service of developing and integrating software projects.

As a client-oriented software development company, we focus on the quality and business targeting of all our products and services.

By addressing NextPro, our customers may be certain we will do everything in our power for them to gain a competitive advantage in the market with the help of functions-rich innovative tailor-made software.

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Top Management Squad of NextPro

Top Management
NextPro`s Leadership, headed by C-level management team, combines top-notch experience and strategy to deliver solid results and ensure sustainable development of the company.
Mehmooda Begam
Mehmooda Bagam, the visionary founder of our company, has been at the helm since its inception in 1997. As the head strategist during NextPro's remarkable journey in the third decade, Mehmooda sets the course for our organization. Meanwhile, Mehmooda Begam actively engages in daily operations, contributing to the development of our overarching strategy aimed at securing our leading position in the market.
Naseem Ahmed
Chief Operational Officer
Naseem Ahmed started his career as a project manager and subsequently transitioned to the role of department head at NextPro. With his exceptional leadership skills, he ascended to the position of C-level executive. Currently, Naseem serves as the operational director of NextPro, where he oversees critical functions. His expertise lies in spearheading initiatives related to cloud computing, mobile development, and CMS services, which are his primary areas of focus.
Sheikh Naveed
Chief Technology Officer
Being a computer science and economics major graduate, Alexey has started his career as a software developer, later turning to a team lead, then to CTO at the moment. He is managing and supervising a whole lot of projects and is now responsible for the strategic planning of processes for the entire company.
Muhammad Hassaan
Chief Operational Officer
The primary responsibility of the Hassaan is to prepare and implement financial strategy, policies and procedures and financial controls framework in order to ensure the achievement of institution wise financial objectives, controls and financial stability.
The Values and Cultural Policies of NextPro

The culture of our company is important for employees during work hours and after the work is done and we are outside of the office. We treat colleagues and customers, with the biggest respect and professionalism that doesn't interfere with always a friendly attitude.

The internal policy of our company induces the desire to self-improve and evolve in our employees.

Engagement Models

Engagement Models
NextPro builds relationships with customers with the firm realization that all the products differ and every client has their own business values and goals. As a flexible outsource software development company, we always thrive to meet the specific requirements of our clients beginning with the choice of the model of cooperation.

What our customers say

NextPro works on projects supplied by worldwide companies from small to large ones. Regardless, of the size, we always try and deliver our best efforts to the partners. NextPro values the feedback supplied by our full-scale partners. You are welcome to get acquainted with some of our recent and most notable projects down below.
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